Fantastic surgeon! Dr. McDonough exceeded my expectations for a great outcome with my complex back surgery. I was in so much pain for so long. Now I am pain free and so happy. I wish I would be done this surgery years ago. He was very knowledgeable and his excellent training and experience really made a difference. I can’t believe he is here in Abilene. I love that he is a specialist and only does neck and back surgery.  May, 2018


Dr. McDonough did a wonderful job on my complex back surgery! He is an amazing surgeon and I would definitely recommend him to anyone considering neck or back surgery. He made me feel comfortable and now I am pain free! I only wish I would have done this surgery years ago.  April, 2018


I went to Dr. McDonough after my good friend had good results from her neck surgery. He was very smart and knew just what to do. He had a lot of experience with my problem. I read about his training, that was top notch. I had surgery last month and I am very happy with the results!  April, 2018


I went to Dr. McDonough for my cervical surgery. He was very professional and listened to my problems. He knew just what to do. I felt very confident in his skills. I looked up his website and found that he had excellent training. I am very happy with my decision to use Dr. McDonough and I am pain free now! I just wish I would have found him sooner! We are so lucky to have him in Abilene Texas.  March, 2018


Dr. McDonough performed back surgery on me 3 years ago and thanks to him I got my life back! This man is wonderful at back surgery.  February, 2018


I couldn’t be happier! Dr. McDonough done an amazing job on my back. I have no scar to mention and I’m back doing all the thing I love to do. My surgery was in April 2016.


Dr. McDonough is very thorough and explained all the issues with my back clearly. Very conservative in his treatment approach.  Thomas, Abilene, Texas, November,2017


Dr. McDonough and his staff are very professional, friendly and have answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns that I have had. I had cervical fusion c3-c7 and a laminectomy performed and considering how complicated my situation had become I am totally satisfied with the outcome.  January, 2017


Professional. Explained needed procedure and results so I understood what to expect. Staff very friendly and professional. Would highly recommend Dr. McDonough. Pernell, February, 2016


After months of leg pain and inability to walk much distance I finally decided to have the surgery necessary to fix my back. I chose Dr. McDonough because of his excellent training and experience. He was very easy to talk to and understanding of my hesitation. I have never had any medical problems and he was very patient with me, even though he knew he could fix this. I had a back fusion of my L5 to S1. He and his staff watched over me, always called me back quickly if I had any questions, and continue to care about my healing. His staff is especially considerate and his office is easy to get in and out of. While I could continue to say great things about Dr. McDonough, the most important thing to me is that He completely fixed my broken back, I have walked miles and hours around the city of New York and never again experienced the leg and lower back pain. Thank you for taking me from resignation to life on drugs to renewal and restoration of an active and drug free life! May, 2011


Dr. McDonough is by far and away the best spine surgeon I have ever been to, (and I have been to quite a few). I had a very complicated revision lumbar surgery and he was very proficient in the surgery. I always appreciated the time he took to explain things to me, and the way he did it so I could understand. He followed up with me and really cared about my recovery. I am so glad I finally found the right surgeon. His Physician Assistant was very kind and personable also. All in all I am happy that I had the surgery and I have had a wonderful recovery.  February, 2011


From the first moment that I interacted with Dr. McDonough I knew I was in good hands. His knowledge of how to diagnose and treat my back problem left me feeling so comfortable. My surgery was a complete success and I no longer have any pain in my leg. Thank you for such a great outcome! March, 2011


I was having arm and shoulder problems and not sleeping well. I talked to Dr. McDonough and after ordering an MRI he found out I had a worn-out disk in my neck. He gave me my options for therapy but I chose surgery. I’m sleeping thru the night and have returned to all the things I didn’t do before the surgery.  November, 2010